Kensun HID Kit Review: Is It Worth Your Money

Kensun HID Kit Review

The car must be the greatest human invention of all time. Forget how nice it is to browse online, to light a bulb, or to know the right direction to go using a compass and let the divine feeling of being behind the wheel sink in. Incredible!

My car has a special place in my heart. Even though it’s an old jeep, I love its natural, beastly look. I recently upgraded its lights from halogen to xenon HID headlights, and I must say that my investment was worth every dime I spent.

My ride now has this badass appearance that makes me feel like a Death Race champion.

I used the Kensun HID kit, and so far, I have no regrets. Be with me and ill share with you an honest review about my experience with my new pair of headlights.

Kensun HID Kit Review

Awesome, amazing, and remarkable are just some of the terms Kensun kit users have used to describe the performance, luminance, and longevity of their units. It’s easy to tell that these are well-engineered lights by just looking at their packaging. I received my kit in a neat, grey briefcase with a small black handle.

The package comes with everything you need to get your HID headlights up and running. This includes two 35W HID bulbs, two 12v AC ballasts, and all the connectors and wiring you need.

Something else that is quite impressive is that installing the kit is fast and easy. I am not a DIY warrior, yet it took me less than half an hour to complete the installation steps. This is one of those simple plug and play models.

Any decent kit should have sturdy bulbs that promise you the best value for your money. Well, this kit came with sleek, tiny, and compact bulbs that got me wondering whether I made a smart purchase. Do not let the small size of these bulbs fool you; they are beasts and provide excellent illumination.

The package arrives with two bulbs that emit a brilliant white light with a slight hint of blue. This is just what you need to enhance your safety when driving during a foggy or rainy day.

The best part is that this is a 6000k kit, meaning the heat produced will hardly cause any damage to the wiring or housing.

Before purchase, ensure this kit is compatible with your car. It requires H11 lamp bulbs to function correctly. Then again, you can only utilize the full power of the headlights when driving off-road. You must reduce their brightness to avoid blinding other motorists when commuting through populated areas.


  • The Kensun kit comes in a presentable packaging (grey briefcase)
  • Provides outstanding brightness to make it safer to drive when it’s rainy or foggy
  • Easy to install unit
  • 35W HID bulbs are three times brighter than halogen bulbs
  • Impressive levels of energy efficiency
  • This kit provides long lasting and affordable lighting solutions for vehicles that support H11 lamp bulbs


  • Using the full strength of the headlights may get you into legal issues when driving within populated areas.
  • The lights do not turn on instantly. It takes a few minutes for them to emit light.


So, is the Kensun HID kit worth the money? Yes, it is. It has the power to produce brightness that penetrates through thick fog to enhance your safety behind the wheel during inclement weather. The kit will also boost your confidence when navigating turns within poorly lit roads.

From my research and experience using the kit, it certainly offers the best deal in the market. Don’t forget that upgrading your headlights will also give your car a remarkable facelift.