What Is The Best HID Kit On The Market?

Best HID Kit On The Market

When it comes to choosing headlights, it is not worth it to settle for the second-best. After all, when driving at night or on poorly lit roads, the quality of your car’s lighting will highly dictate your safety behind the wheel.

HID (high-intensity discharge) headlights are clear, brighter and more energy-efficient when compared to the standard halogen headlights.

Unless you own a luxury car, there is a good chance that your vehicle came with halogen headlights. You can upgrade to HID using a simple installation kit. These kits are designed to enable you to use xenon bulbs that create a brilliant white light.

If you are ready to get your car retrofitted with HID xenon headlights, finding the best HID kits on the market is crucial. Dive right in, and I’ll help you find a unit that is perfect for your vehicle.

Types of HID Kits

There are several types of HID conversion kits, which include H7, H4, H3, H2, and H1. Both the H7 and H1 kits are mainly used for fog lamps, although the H7 is a three-foot monofilament while the H1 is a one-foot monofilament. You should choose a longer monofilament if you need a higher beam.

The H4 kit is a three-foot double-wire light bulb mainly ideal for motorcycles, and the H3 is uniquely designed for Japan vehicles. H2 kits are also used for fog lamps, although most people prefer choosing between H1 and H7 kits.

Which Is The Best HID Conversion Kit To Buy?

There are more than a few outstanding HID conversion kits in the market. One of the superior brands you can trust is Kensun.

It has a decent number of models, including the Kensun Slim HID kit that comes in a presentable aluminum carry case. The unit offers reliable illumination and has 100% dust and shockproof ballasts.

The OPT7 bullet-R hid kit is also a great product that offers eight color options and comes with a 2-year warranty. The ExtremeVision kit solely uses DC power, although it is a decent product that is easy to install, and it uses 35-watt bulbs.

Various other products that are worth mentioning, include the Innovited Xenon, Morimoto H11 elite HID kit, Lumenon 35W HID conversion kit, and DDM tuning Canbus HID kit, just to mention a few.

How to Choose a Top Quality HID Kit?

Choosing an HID kit is a very personal affair. It all comes down to selecting a product that matches your needs, budgets, and personal preferences. However, there are three key aspects you must consider before buying a unit.


Here is the deal; a kit will either have 35 or 55-watt bulbs. Both are great options, although they have unique sets of pros and cons. A 35-watt bulb is nearly three times brighter than halogen headlights. It is also gentle on the wiring and produces less heat when compared to 55-watt bulbs.

Of course, 55-watt bulbs are more vivid and therefore considered better by a decent number of people. On the downside, they consume more power and produce more heat. This, in return, puts a strain on the battery, the wiring, and the headlight mounts.


HID conversion kits will either have an AC or DC power supply. Again, both options are perfect and have distinct pros and cons. DC kits are easier on the wallet and deliver more power to the bulb. On the other side, AC powered kits are gentle on the wiring.

Customer Support

Hear me out; a product is not worth it if you cannot get assistance in case an issue of concern arises. We cannot debate with the fact that HID kits are high-tech devices.

Even though the best models are designed to allow easy installation, there are no guarantees that you will not bump into obstacles when trying to upgrade your lighting.

Sometimes, all you need to restore your sanity is to hear someone on the other end of the line saying, “I understand your frustration; I’ll help you address your issue in a few easy steps.”

Take-Out Tips

  • Before buying a kit, check your car’s handbook to find out more about the fitting it uses. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find a kit that is not compatible with specific vehicles.
  • If you doubt your ability to retrofit your lights, consider enlisting the services of a mechanic. The stress involved in relying on pure guesswork is not worth it.
  • HID kits are sometimes a risky purchase. To be on the safe side, invest in genuine products. They may not be cheap, although they will save you from the frustration of investing in a cheaply made unit that is bound to fail prematurely. Check the product warranty and do not be fooled by rock bottom prices.

Final Words

Most HID kits are universal. They can fit into any car that currently houses the regular halogen headlights. Installing the unit is also quite easy, although you also have the option of working with a mechanic.

A top-quality kit that is correctly installed will drastically enhance your nighttime driving experience.